Wednesday, 12 September 2012

True or False?

The Radio/Tv presenter, Big Brother Africa Live Show host, happily married lover and daddy said this morning:
I'm vexing on the show this morning, trying to help ladies find guys. lol
So Ik went ahead to list out 6 tips so far on how ladies can get a good dude for themselves. |So, here.

Take a read and let me know if there's any of the tips you agree with.
  • 1. Learn to do solo trips. It's just easier for most guys to step to a girl on her own, than one in a pack of girls
  • 2.Make friends with married women. They know what guys want more than your single friends (that's why they're married)
  • 3. Be careful not to be TOO INDEPENDENT. Learn to gain from your man's presence in your life. Guys need to be needed
  • 4.Drop guys that take all ur time without really chasing u. They block other guys. No IWC= Intimacy Without Commitment!
  • 5. Make an effort. Try to look nice. Work out. Guys like babes. Get that Don King hair done, stop forming"Oh Naturale"
  • 6. Don't give it ALL up. Leave some for marriage. Perfect the art of giving previews. Nobody pays for free stuff. 

   Would this work?

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