Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tinsel stars Chuks and Ene get married in real life

Acting can sure turn out to be real because that is what happened in the case of these couple

Tinsel stars, Iyke Okechukwu (Chuks) and Florence Uwaleke (Ene) are truly married. Their traditional marriage held at the bride's home in Owerri, Imo state on Friday January 25th. Their white wedding will hold later in the year.

The two dated quietly for a while while acting on Tinsel before Iyke popped the question late last year.
Plenty things are definitely happening behind the screens because I never thought this two were even dating.
Ene and Chuks, congrats to you.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It's Don Jazzy Again.

The Don himself of the Marvin Empire is at it again but this time not in the music industry.

Just about 2 weeks ago, Don Jazzy started petroluem distribution business and today he tweeted about starting a fashion line this summer.

Don I will model oooooooo even though am not lepa.
I just hope his cloths would be unisex and affordable.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Woman burn girl's thighs for stealing.

Some people are just HEARTLESS.

According to P.M News, A 39-year old woman has burnt a girl’s thighs with hot iron after accusing her of stealing her N1,000 at Oshodi area of Lagos State. The woman, Mrs. Kudirat Isekolowo, who lives at  Igbehinadun area of Oshodi, said she did not know what came over her when she carried out the act.
The mother of three was arrested by officials of the Lagos State Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, and Esther Child Right Foundation and brought to the Lagos State Government Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.
Traders were close to tears at Oshodi Market where the woman sells clothes, when they saw how the thighs of the 15-year old girl (name withheld) was seriously burnt, leaving permanent deep scars on her body.

The little girl was sent by her parents, who live at Agege area of Lagos, to live with Isekolowo and serve as apprentice in her clothing shop. She started living with her in November 2012.

At the WAPA Ministry, Alausa, there was anger when government officials saw the deep wounds on the girl’s body, while they described the woman as extremely wicked and needed to be punished severely.

Apart from the deep wounds on her thighs, there are also wounds all over her body, occasioned by constant beating and maltreatment.

According to the girl, Kudirat accused her of stealing her N1,000 last week, but she denied stealing the money.

She said the woman plugged a pressing iron and made sure it was very hot and pressed it on her two thighs and one of her hands, leaving deep wounds on her body.

“I am not the one who stole the N1,000. She said I took it and I denied it. She plugged iron and pressed it on my two thighs. My parents live in Agege, they asked me to live with her and learn how to sell clothes as they don’t have money,” she explained.

On why there were other wounds all over her body, she said Kudirat usually beat her with wire. Kudirat admitted carrying out the act, saying that the girl stole her N1,000.

“She stole my N1,000 last week and I don’t know what came over me.  I know what I did is bad.  I don’t know what happened to me when I did it,” she said.

Kudirat wept when she knew that she could go to jail for her wicked act. Even her close friends who came with her felt very bad when they saw the degree of damage to the girl’s thighs.

Executive Director, Esther Child Right Foundation, Mrs Esther Ogwu said she got a call from the founder of Compassionate Women Initiative, Mrs. Mary Olasupo, about a woman who burnt the thighs of a little girl with hot iron.

“We moved in immediately with the WAPA officials and arrested her and brought her to Alausa. At Oshodi market where we arrested her, traders were screaming when they saw the wound in the girl’s body,” she explained.

Esther said it is now left for the state government to prosecute her in accordance with the child right’s law to serve as a deterrent to others.

According to Mary, the founder, Compassionate Women Initiative, “a woman called me some days ago to intimate me about the incident. She told me that a woman had an apprentice, whom she accused of stealing her N1,000 and then used hot iron to burn her two thighs. That was when I called Esther Child Right Foundation for help and they came.”

Officials of the state government have vowed that the woman would be prosecuted and be made to pay for her callous act.
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

May D welcomes baby boy.

As a sure boy crooner Mister May D welcomes baby boy. Heard the baby momma is his longtime girl friend Adebola.

He announced this wonderful news on twitter today.

I am so happy for him but whats with Naija artistes and baby mamas? What happened to getting married before popping babies?
Anyway May D, congrats. I hope you will put a ring on it soon. Dont turn to some people that I wont mention their names.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rumour has it that KHLOE is preggers

I sincerely hope this one is true because Khloe deserves this.

Its been said that Khloe Kardashian Odom is pregnant and that she just signed an agreement with Eonline to start a reality show called "pregnant sisters" which would focus on her and Kim.
Hmmmmm these babes keep smiling to the bank.

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Finally Shakira is now a mum.

This news is for real unlike the stunt Gerard Pique pulled in December.
She safely put to bed few hours ago and she even asked her fans on twitter to pray for her when she was going to the hospital.

And I am pleased to tell you that her son's name is MILAN.

Congrats on their bundle of joy.

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Kids found dead in the car.

Tragedy struck recently in Ibeshe area of Ikorodu, Lagos, after two children were found dead inside a car. One of the children, Olamipo Oluwaferanmi Kadiri, who was two years and three months old, was the last child of a management staff of the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA while the other child, whose identity could not be ascertained, was a niece who only came visiting during the yuletide season.

Crime Alert gathered that the family resides at Oworo, Bariga area of Lagos. But they usually visited Ibeshe, where they just completed a building of their own, during weekends and festive periods.

During one of those visits, the older child who was barely four years old reportedly collected the car key from where it was kept in the sitting room and accompanied by little Olamipo, made straight for the garage where the car was parked.

She reportedly opened the car, went inside with Olamipo and shut the doors with all windows wound up.

Meanwhile, back in the sitting room, Mrs Kadiri reportedly called out on both children when she did not hear their voices for about an hour. A search as gathered, was conducted round the bedrooms apparently thinking they might have slept off in one of the rooms.

But apprehension set in when the children were not found.

Crime Alert gathered that as the search was extended outside the sitting room, a member of the search team screamed on sighting the children inside the car, motionless.

They were reportedly rushed to Lagoon Hospital where unfortunately, they were confirmed dead.

We were also made to understand that the children could not open the door to come out because they apparently touched the car remote. Nobody could tell whether they screamed or not, or whether they tried to open the door. But you know as children, they might not know the implication of being shut inside the car. It is an unfortunate incident that is difficult to imagine.”

Effort to reach the LAWMA manager failed as Crime Alert learnt she was yet to resume as at Monday.

This is so sad but we all have lessons to learn from this, dont keep your car keys wbere your kids can reach it.

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Buried baby found Alive.

Some people are sooooooooo wicked.

Members of a community in Lagos found a baby buried ALIVE.

Luckily the baby was still alive. God is indeed powerful.

What would make a woman carry a baby for 9 months only to bury the poor child alive?
When God starts judging some people eh!

See the very healthy looking baby.
May God preserve this child.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Several decomposed bodies found floating in Anambra river. Viewers discretion advised

LPResidents of Amansea in Awka, Anambra State woke up yesterday morning Saturday January 19th to a horrifying sight; 40 dead bodies floating in a River in their community. People from the community and some neighbouring ones besieged the Ezu river yesterday to catch a glimpse of the dead bodies. The river is at the boundary between Enugu and Anambra states and the dead bodies were found at the old Enugu-Onitsha road axis of the river.

The corpses whose identities were unknown, were suspected to have been dumped in the river Friday night by unknown persons.

The traditional ruler of Amansea said the community had never witnessed such a gory sight before, while the Commissioner of Police in the state said the dead bodies remained a mystery as there had been no communal clash in Enugu or Anambra where many people were killed. He said investigations are ongoing...

Meanwhile the governor of the state, Peter Obi, has cut short his working trip abroad to return to the state to enable him visit the scene.

The photos are quite view with discretion. Find it after the cut...

This is so sad. I keep wondering what actually happened to them. May their souls rest in peace

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Yoruba actress Taiwo Aromokun's wedding pictures

Beautiful yoruba movie actress Taiwo Aromokun got married on the 25th December 2012 to her London based beau Olayemi Abimbola aka "Ogun of Holland".

I love her choice of colours.
Wishing them all of God's blessing in their marriage

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Scary movie

For those of you that love watching horror movies, you should look forward to the movie CARRIE. It is planned to be released in October.
The initial story was written as a novel by Stephen King. I love his books but the poster of this movie looks super SCARY.
I am already bracing up for this movie, I would definitely watch it in the morning because I wouldnt want nightmares. Lol.

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kim is on the cover of Arab magazine

Kimmy Kardashian is on the cover of an Arab magazine called Hia...
This babe has gone far jare.

While some people are hating her she is busy making her money.
Go kimmy!
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Mercy Aigbe and her daughter

Mother and daughter looks good. What do you think?

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Linda Ikeji bares it all

If you expecting to see nude pictures of Linda Ikeji then you are sleeping on Okada (lol).

Anyway, top shot blogger Linda Ikeji showed her face free of makeup before a photo shoot today.
Below are pictures without and with makeup.

So what do u think?
I bet 90% of women cannot show us their makeup free face.

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Shakira shows baby bump

Just few weeks after Shakira's beau Gerard Pique deceived us all with a tweet announcing the supposed birth of their son the couple decides to share this beautiful bump showing picture with us.

Aint this lovely

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LADIES.... You have to read the ten commandment from Tiwa Savage

Tiwa does not disappoint me at all.
Ladies in the house, Tiwa has shared what she calls a the ten commandment for ladies.
Check it out below

1. Dont be in a hurry to move out of ur parents house.

2. Dont wait for a man before you start living. You can live a fulfilled life as a single woman.

3. Stay away from alcohol. It has killed others and you are not special.

4. Dont entertain a wrong number call, especially at night. Its not the right way to find a lover.

5. Develop a healthy eating habit. Always take breakfast and avoid sweets.

6. Dress well: impression count. People will judge you by the way you dress even before dey talk to you.

7. Dont use sex as proof of love. Sex is no proof of love, he'll leave you after the sex.

8. Dont marry for the money, else you'll become one of his possessions.

9. Add value to yourself - get a career. Dont be fooled that a man will solve all your problems.

10. Beauty is not everything. If it is all you have, u'll lose ur place to someone beautiful better more matured and competent than you..

This makes alot of sense or what do u think?

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Check out Keri Hilson's new look

Keri Hilson is knowing for changing her hair colour and styles often times. She is presently rocking this blonde hair.
Check out it out.

I love the curls and colour, looks so good.
You like?

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So sad, Edlyne Records Artiste/ LKT's manager Emibrian passes on.

According to Linda Ikeji's blog, Edlyne Records' Artiste/Repatour manager (A&R), artist, and LKT's manager, Emmanuel Okoi, better known as Emibrian, has died. Emibrian (pictured above with his wife) died today January 15th at Agege General hospital after weeks of battling an unknown ailment, which was later identified as poison. Reports say that series of tests were conducted to ascertain the nature of his ailment without any result until one last one that revealed the true picture as food poisoning. Plans were already in place to fly him out of the country when he died today.

Today is exactly one month he married his wife Jennifer Ejinkonye at the Ikoyi registry. They had been planning their white wedding when he suddenly fell ill. Emibrian was in his early 30s. I really feel sorry for his wife, haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This is so sad, I cant imagine anyone going through such trauma after just getting married. May his soul rest in peace...amen.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Did you know that.... Sculptures can be made out of butter? right butter.
I also didnt even know that such existed until I saw a documentary about it on tv so I decided to share this with you.

Butter sculptures have been existence the 16th century but the first publicized butter sculpture is the DREAMING LOLANTHE by Caroline Shawk Brooks depicting Yolande, Duchess of Lorraine, the heroine of Henrik Hertz's play King Rene's daughter.

Dreaming Lolanthe was kept cool with ice from below it.

Butter sculptures are mostly seen in the United States at their state fairs. Iowa state for example celebrated 100th year of its butter cow sculpture in December 2011 and it has somehow become the icon of that state especially during its annual fairs. This Cow sculptures is usually 5 1/2 ft high and 8 ft long (thats huge).

For the sculptors its like living in the refridgerator while making this wonderful pieces so as to keep them intact.

I would really love to see something like this in Nigeria soon but I guess our weather might be an obstacle.

Gotta go now.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West way back

I didnt know Kimmy and Kanye have been good friends waaaaaaaay back until Kimmy posted this picture on her blog last Thursday #throwback thursday. This picture was taken back in 2008.

I bet Kanye must have waiting fot his chance to date her and he got lucky.

Aint they cute?

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Who owns the man in your house?

Saw this joke somewhere and just thought that I should share it with you. You might have even read it before.

Please dont roll on the floor while reading [kidding]

Mother:- my son must obey me unless he didn't suck my breast for one yr,
Wife:- he sucks mine now & sucked it for more den 5yrs and is still sucking,
Mother:- I carried him for nine mnths.
Wife:- he was only 3.5kg den, so whats d big deal? I carry him every night and he is 85kg now.
Mother.:- he passd between my legs.
Wife:- Hahaha, he only passd dia once, he stays in-betwn my legs like evryday.

Often times there is competition for the man between his mum and wife especially in the African community so who do you think owns the man?

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Jayz's daughter looks very Cute.

Although Jayz and Beyonce have seriously been hiding their daughter's face from the world, this picture somehow showed up on mediatakeout.
I must confess Ivy Blue looks so much like her dad but a very cute version of him.

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