Monday, 3 September 2012

Are Weddings Overrated?

I loooooooooooove weddings. Beauty and lots of glamour with our ever elegant looking aso ebi. Hmmmmmmmm. Lots of food, wine and orisirisi edibles. We even begin to compare who's wedding dress is more elegant and mouth watering cakes. I particularly look out for the wedding rings, am a sucker for rings. But......

Does it that one day really matter when you might be unhappy for God knows how long? In recent times broken marriages have skyrocketed. Alot of us just want to get married because we want to please our family. Is that enough reason to rush into it? I know alot of unhappy couples.We read it in media everyday yet we will still rush into it.
I think marriage is beautiful if you marry your Best friend. And please do it prayerful and don't get married for the wrong reasons.

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