Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Writer/director Nick Cassavetes supports the phrase "If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family" ... claiming there's nothing wrong with a little incest. 

Cassavetes, whose new film "Yellow" features a brother/sister relationship, compared the taboo act to gay marriage while promoting the movie in Toronto this weekend. 

Cassavetes explained, "Who gives a s**t if people judge you? I'm not saying this is an absolute but in a way, if you're not having kids -- who gives a damn? Love who you want. Isn't that what we say? Gay marriage -- love who you want?" 
He continued, "If it’s your brother or sister it’s super-weird, but if you look at it, you’re not hurting anybody ... except every single person who freaks out because you’re in love with one another.” 

He has to be kidding? Do you think incest is alright?

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Olabimpe said...

He's gotta be crazy. These extreme liberals and their insanity they call ideas. Like the gay thing is not enough to deal with.