Monday, 31 December 2012


It's the last day of year 2012 so I want to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance because by God's grace my life and yours will not be cut short in Jesus name. We will all see 2013 by God's grace.
Thanks for stopping here to check out this blog from time to time.
Love you.

So it's true, Kimmy Kardashian is pregnant

GBAM !!! Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West's baby!
E! News has confirmed with the Kardashian family that Kim is expecting her first child with the rapper. But it was West who already spilled the exciting news to a few hundred concertgoers.
During his Atlantic City show on Sunday night, West decided to announce that Kim was expecting to all his fans.
Kanye West says he "ain't crazy"
She is said to be 12 weeks gone.Guess we will be seeing lots of baby bump pictures in the next few months.
Congrats to them. I pray Khloe Kardashian Odom gets her baby wish too.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Jara presenter Helen Paul opens bridal outfit

According to P.M news Nigerian Comedienne, Helen Paul, has floated a bridal boutique. Named Massive Bridals, the boutique is located on Davies Street, close to University of Lagos.

Explaining why she set up the boutique, Helen said: “I have anchored many weddings as an MC. At times, I get disappointed because some brides wear gowns that are not befitting. On the other hand, when I see those with good gowns, I pass complimentary messages to them. Basically, the decision to float Massive Bridals was a result of my passion to see brides glow on their wedding day.”
That is a nice move. I have always wanted to own my own bridal outfit because I just LOVE weddings 

Is Kim Kardashian really pregnant?

Over a few weeks now, I have read from one website to the other various tales about Kimye been pregnant and I don't even know what to believe because it's not the first time that i'll read about it. And Kimmy has decided to keep mute about it which I kinda like.

But seriously what if she is pregnant because she is not officially divorced from Kris Humphries and that could be used against her in the divorce court. Secondly, is she ready to leave her very funny lifestyle to become a mother? Hmmm I am already trying to imagine her with a baby bump.

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one

Shakira welcomes baby boy.

Curvy dance Diva Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique welcomed their little prince who was born yesterday as the father tweeted  “Ya ha nacido nuestro hijo! Estamos muy felices! Gracias a todos por vuestros mensajes!” he wrote in Spanish, which translates to “Our son is born! We are very happy! Thank you all for your messages!”

Congrats to them on their bundle of joy.

I hope the baby will have a name that we can pronounce cos am guessing a Spanish name 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What are your Xmas memories?

I grew up looking forward to Christmas because it is a very special season when I can do special shopping with my mum and sis. For me, its time to show off my new clothes, shoes and a time to EAT all sorts of chewables ( plenty ijekuje ).

I remember looking forward to the arrival of various Xmas hampers from Dad's colleagues and friends, been the last child I was always the first to rummage the hampers.I loved decorating the house with all the glittery stuff that mum buys. It was FUN all the way because I was spoiled silly by my Late Dad.
Did I forget to mention Santa Claus ( father Xmas like we called him). Santa means more gift  *huge smile*
I remember shooting my water gun at anyone that cross my path.
I just LOVE Xmas.

I miss spending  Xmas with my family because Dad died 17 years ago, thankfully mum is fine, my siblings live so far away so for years I spent Xmas alone but this year I am gonna be celebrating it with my Hubby so I am gonna celebrate it just like we used to.

Enough about me, what was Christmas like for you while growing up?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Happy Birthday Keri Hilson but......

It's Keri Hilson's birthday and she partied with a family and friends but see what she wore.

Looks lovely from the side but why is she flashing her babies.

Would you wear the same outfit?

 Before i forget the hair is fabulous.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Snake on plane!

A 48-year old Jordanian man snuck the Egyptian cobra onto the 90-passenger flight from Cairo to Kuwait on Monday. After the snake bit him and began slithering through the aircraft, the plane made an emergency landing on the Red Sea in the resort town of Al Ghardaqah, reports The Jordan Times

The man, identified as Akram Abdul Latif, ignored doctors' suggestions to wait 24 hours in a hospital for observation. (According to wildlife experts, reports CNN, cobra venom is lethal enough to kill a full-grown elephant in three hours or a human in 15 minutes.) 

The original flight finished its trip later on Monday morning after authorities confiscated the cobra, and Latif made his way to Kuwait that night. 

Really scary. I cannot imagine been on the same flight. *picks race*

Thursday, 6 December 2012

What are you thankful for?

Oh yes, we have 25 days left in 2012, we welcomed our family and friends into 2012 just like yesterday. A lot has happened in our personal lives, the country and the world at large so it brings to mind the question 'what are you thankful for?'

For me, I am sooooooooooooooo thankful for all the wonderful things I have experienced, this year i saw my sister and sister in law after about 6 years or more, I got married to my best friend, finally started this blog after postponing it for so long and yes I was able to celebrate with my friends. Some had babies, very cute babies (Alero, Hollamide, Nike, Id folami,Yemisi Oyetee, the list is looooooog), some got married, Tumise and Yetunde are also getting married in about 9 days (chei! party rice) and I got a new nephew, Baby Josh.

I am so thankful that I didn't mourn anyone although my granny died in October (she don old so it's a life well spent)  but seriously I am thankful for the life i have which cannot be bought.
Despite the flooding in several parts of Nigeria, Boko Haram killings and Hurricanes in other parts of the world, we are ALIVE .

Please drop your comments on what you are thankful for. (wink)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jigga's special birthday gift from Beyonce

Jay Z and his wife Bey always amaze me with their choice of birthday gifts to one another. He just got another gift from her.

She got him the most expensive HUBLOT watch in the world which cost $5 million. Aha! Kilode?
I am jealous ooooo


He proposed over the weekend to his On and Of girlfriend Mia Milano. The engagement ring looks HUGE!
they are even rocking matching earrings. 

Hmmmm i hope this last sha.