Thursday, 6 September 2012

Perfect Proposal

                     A lot of us dream about how we want prince charming to propose?
 Roses, sparkling wine and the perfect proposal ring although some are not all that perfect. Sometimes, we don't always get the exact proposal we want except you must have told him.
What kind of  proposal would you want? Is it the very intimate type or the verrrrrrry elaborate one *big smile.*

Some of us even want proposal rings that our fathers cannot afford (covers face).
I would seriously want a platinum ring even though i can't afford romanian gold.

Seriously does it matter how he goes about it? Does he have to go on his knee like we see in movies (i love that part). Knee down for me jare even that's the only time it's gonna happen.(dodging slaps from different corners).
Hmmmmmmmm so my dear ladies, what kind of proposal do YOU want? And guys, would you go on your knees?
Waiting  for your comments. Thanks for reading?

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