Sunday, 9 September 2012

In the Cupboard

I hardly commend Nigerian movies but today I am gonna talk about one.
Firstly, I have to clear the air I was not paid by anyone to talk about this movie. Hmmmmm, now I can continue. I was invited to the cinema by my darling brother in law to watch a movie and when i heard it was directed by Desmond Elliot, I was like whatever.
I was sincerely not expecting such a good production. The story line was perfect, the suspense was killing and there was comedy infused into it. It is definitely not the regular Nigerian movie. It was a breath of fresh air from the movies we are used to seeing.
I particularly liked the fact that he made use of new faces, only had like 3 faces that we know very well in the Nigerian movie industry.
So next time, you go to the cinema, make sure you see this movie.
And before i forget, we had a surprise at the end of the movie, the cast crew was there including Desmond. Yay!

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