Sunday, 9 September 2012

Social networks or Social what?

        I have thought about writing  something about social media for a while now.

Social media includes web and mobile based technologies which is used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among communities, individuals and organisations. Over time, the social media has aided our personal life and even our businesses. It has helped us to meet our lost lost family and friends and also to meet new friends which is not a bad idea.

In year 2012, social media became one of the most powerful source of news update especially through facebook and twitter. If I want to know what is happening around me without turning on my television, I just grab my mobile and I can get all the news I want on twitter.
Some people have even met their spouses on the social media. Business bonds have grown better with it also.
Yeah yeah, it has brought about a lot of good as well as bad. I cant help but talk about the harm it has also brought to us by the way we use it. I am beginning to feel that we do not even have a private life anymore.  A lot of people disclose too much information on these social media platforms.Recently, a girl was killed in a part of Lagos by men she met on facebook and I believe we should learn from what happened to her. It could have happened to any of us.
Please be more cautious of who you give your personal information on these social networks because you could be getting really close to someone who has an entirely different aim.

Lets stay alive and stay cautious.

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