Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tape or not to tape?

Over some time now, we have read about and in some cases we have seen some celebrity sex tapes.Even in Nigeria, we have seen a few sex videos by various people. Not too long ago pictures of staff of a very popular telecoms company in Nigeria surfaced after they returned from the company's training programme abroad. The said staff are married to different people and these pictures went viral at that time.

Also in the United states, several people including celebrities have been caught in various sex tapes e.g Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Kendra Wilkinson, Chei Mei-feng (had to leave her offfice as a councilman of Taipei City when her sex video was leaked) and of course Kim Kardashian ( in her own case that sex tape practically made her).

Last tuesday, some Nigerian girls went crazy( yes, crazy) on twitter showing various pictures of their boobs all in the name of trending #boobstuesday, I wonder how far those pictures would have gone. Some of them were so stupid enough to even show their faces in the pictures.
Sincerely, is it worth doing a sex video?

Would you do one if your partner insist?

 For those who actually do these videos what happens when you break up with this person and he decides to leak them?

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Ada Denco said...

Not to tape...i don't buy the idea, it isn't descent to start with