Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Always a superhero

Christian Bale may not save lives, not behind the camera, but the actor is doing everything possible to help his fans.
The star of The Dark Knight Rises broughtJayden Barber , a 4 year old child with leukemia and his family to California to lunch with him at Club 33 in Disneyland.
"We can finally say! Christian made ​​us come to Los Angeles and had lunch at Club 33 on Wednesday," wrote the mother of Barber, adding a photo of the two on his Facebook page, the Lighting Batsignal for Jayden . "Christian and his family were so great and modest!"
Charlene Barber described the experience with his family at the center of Bale California attractions. "It was like he found an old friend for lunch. Jayden did not feel intimidated at all, but he knew very well who was in front of him!"
"They talked about movies and superheroes, and Christian seemed really happy to hear that Jayden had to say. Christian, his wife and daughter are three of the most beautiful people I have ever met! Christian arranged our trip personally, and he made sure we were treated like kings. I have not one negative thing to say about them. All I can say is that they were also impressed by Jayden Jayden was by them :) "
According WYTV in Ohio , Barber followed chemotherapy for bone cancer for two years before it becomes a pre-leukemic syndrome last year. Jayden is now in remission.
Two months ago, Bale went to Colorado to visit those affected by the shooting of Dark Knight Rises .
Lets try to show some love to those around us. You don't have to be a celebrity before you can touch someone's life.

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