Saturday, 9 February 2013

VALENTINE....... Lets show some love.

Valentine is coming up in a few days time so I just thought why dont we gist about it today.

For me, I believe it is a season to show love to someone (or even people). It is not just a day for lovers but a day for everyone. You can decide to make anyone of your choice happy, it can be ur mum, siblings or you can even donate to an orphanage closr to you if you can afford it.

As for those that are in relationships and those that are married, please DO NOT use style to pick a fight with your partner so as to avoid spending some money on that day.

Please note that Val's day should not be the only day that you would actually be nice to your partner #justsayin.

I am looking forward to having some fun on that day but since it falls on a work day hmmmmmm I am still thinking how I am gonna go about it. Trust Lagos roads to be extra busy on that day. That would not spoil my day sha.

So what kind of gifts are you expecting to receive on that day? *seriously daydreaming already*

In case you are wondering what to buy for your loved ones I will add a few things that you can buy. *grin*

SPECIAL WARNING to ladies that buy boxers and singlets for their men, maybe you should kuku add white handerchief to the list so that your man can join Atilogwu dancers*jokin*
If that is what you have been buying PLEASE step up your game.

For Men
1. Shirts.
2. Shoes (men love shoes).
3. Wristwatches (often expensive but its worth it).
4. Cufflinks.
5. Leather belts.
6. Perfumes ( everyone wants to smell really nice).
7. PSP Vita or Playstation 4 (bring out the kid in him).

For Women
1. Cake (you just have to get her a cake with a special inscription except she is allergic to cakes).
2. Clothes.
3. Chocolate (most of us have sweet tooth).
4. Bling (we LOVE jewelleries not fake ones oooo).
5. Shoes.
6. Wristwatches.
7. Perfumes.

If you feel that there's anything missing from this list pls feel free to add yours by posting a comment.

If ur partner loves mobile phones, androids and tablets feel free to buy any of these:
Galaxy Tab *wink*
IPhone 5
Blackberry 10 ( you can preorder it for just 100 thousand naira only)

I specially love personalized gifts too so you can buy something special for that special somebody and PERSONALIZE it.

Expecting your comments oooo cos I know that this list aint long enough.

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