Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dr Sid launches his own chocolate cookie called INDULGE.

Its Dr Sid, Marvin in the house. While some celebrities are busy launching clothing lines, perfumes and even shoes, Dr Sid decided to create a very different niche for himself buy launching his own chocolate cookie called INDULGE, even the name alone is making my mouth water.

To launch the first ever quadruple chocolate cookie invention by a creative fusion of music mastery and dough delight, the unveiling of Dr Sid’s chocolate cookie ‘indulge’ was held at the unusual cuisine restaurant, at POP 46 Saka Tinubu Victoria Island Lagos on the 9th of February 2013.

Indulge is a luxury chocolate cookie made with the finest Kenyan Cocoa powder, chocolate dough and Belgian chocolate. With a half coat of melted chocolate and a sprinkle of Belgian chocolate chips, the cookie is a treat of good chocolate and cookie love.

The unveiling was attended by a small group of close friends, family and colleagues who experienced cookie joy.  At N3,500, the indulge cookies can be purchased by placing orders at or

The bottom line is, you cannot think of love, delight, chocolate or valentine’s day without thinking of the indulge cookie.  In Dr Sid’s words “why send flowers this season when you can send indulge and get the cookie *wink*”

Dearest Mr Jolly, remember to add INDULGE chocolate cookies to my Valentine hamper. *wink*

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