Saturday, 2 February 2013

Charly boy surprises wife with a second honeymoon

Who would have thought that Charly boy is such a hopeless romantic.

Charlyboy had secretly arranged a tour four cities in the world to include Adis Ababa- Ethiopia, Dubai-UAE, Kingston-Jamaica, and London- United Kingdom to celebrate his nearly 36 years of fruitful marriage relationship with Lady Diane. 
It was gathered that the Popular AreaFada had made necessary travelling arrangements to tour these major cities with his lovely wife in celebration of their love and as a birthday surprise for her. 

At the airport when it was disclosed to her that she would be touring these four countries, the CEO of Taakra could not hold back her obvious tears of joy, as she only thought they were at the airport to receive one or two parcels.
In utter disbelief, she screamed “ I didn’t know this, so I didn’t carry any of my luggage. My God! This is crazy. I’m not carrying my box, not even my cream, my tooth paste and my brush, maybe we may have to send someone home to get these things. My God, I’m extremely excited, I can’t express how I feel at the moment, all these just for my birthday?” 

However, like a well-rehearsed drama, Charlyboy responded in the most suiting voice, “we have all that arranged already”, He snapped his fingers, ordering that a portable bag be brought to him. He affirmed that virtually everything Lady D would need for the tour can be bought with the content of the bag. “Here is it, everything you may need for this journey can be bought with what is contained in this bag, we can buy anything you may wish to buy when we get to Adis Ababa or Dubai” he divulged. Explaining further, he said “I have made this arrangement so we could have some weeks of good rest, so we could look back again to assess our journey in this very faithful relationship we have built. This journey is significant, because we may cover four countries to include Jamaica, Ethiopia, UAI, and UK. This tour signifies our journey through this marriage thing. We need to assess our journey so far, make amendments where necessary, as there is no perfect marriage, and adjust for future challenges.

We need to embark on this physical journey also as a mark of honour, my expression of an immeasurable and unquantifiable love” He had affirmed.


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