Monday, 1 October 2012

Janet Jackson might be getting married soon.

Not as soon as you think sha. There's news going round that Janet is planning to get married to an Arab prince that is almost 10 years younger than she is.

 I am wondering what is going to happen to Jermaine Dupri. I used to think she was gonna marry the dude.

Anyway the main gist is that her beau Wissam al Mana is planning to spend about $20 million on the wedding which will take place in Qatar his place of birth.This wedding is supposed to be one of the most expensive weddings ever. The couple will pay for the guest's flight which will cost almost $3 million and each guest will receive a special thank you gift from the couple which is $10 000 rolex wristwatch!!!  Now I have officially fainted, SOMEONE please wake me up. 

Janet, biko send me an invite na. lol. Janet's dream of a fairytale wedding is about to come soon in 2013. Why cant they just get married in December?#just saying. I guess they have to put alot if details into consideration.

Good luck with wedding planning. *wink*

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