Monday, 8 October 2012

For the UNIPORT boys, we want justice

I am sure you must have read about four University of Port Harcourt students that were killed last week, I didn't post the story because it was too shocking. ( scroll down only if you are strong heart)
the guys that were killed 

this is what a friend of theirs said 

I saw the pictures and wept so i didn't bother to watch the video but I am talking today because members of that community that was involved in the killing have been arrested. Thanks to the social media that helped make the video and pictures go viral because that is why the government took actions. It's time for us to stop this jungle madness that we call justice.

From all indications these guys are innocent of what they were killed for and even if they stole something, do they have to be killed when we still have the police.Why take a life that you cannot create?

If you witness such around your vicinity please call the police because what happened to this guys could have happened to us or any member of our family. All it takes to get someone killed in Nigeria is to chase someone and shout OLE!!!

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