Sunday, 7 October 2012

A man who was blessed with 5 babies in 3 days. Yeeeeeepa

An Islamic scholar, Mallam Ahmad Mahuta, 45, has been blessed with five babies in three days when two of his wives gave birth to triplets and twins.
Mahuta, a subsistence farmer and an Imam in one of the mosques in his village, Kawaye in Anka Local Government Area of Zamfara, told the News Agency of Nigeria that “only Allah can decide such blessings.”
He explained, “Neither me, nor my wives had any inclination that we were going to have these babies with only two days between the deliveries.
“I really am happy to see the mothers and babies all doing well.”
Mother of the triplets, Amina, 34 who gave birth to a boy and two girls, said all the babies were delivered safely at home as there was no prolonged labour.
She said, “We were all surprised to see three healthy babies because I did not carry a big stomach while pregnant.’’
For the other mother, Sa’ida, 31, however, “I have been expecting twins because it runs in my family and my mother had them over 20 years ago.
“I did not know that this was the time because I did not feel any differently than I had during the earlier three pregnancies, this being my fourth,’’ she said.
Father of the five babies appealed for assistance from well meaning members of the public to enable him cater for his family.
“The truth is I can’t afford to provide for all the needs of this enlarged family as my family size has now increased from 11 to 16.
“I therefore want to appeal to the state and local government as well as the well-to-do to come to our aid,” Mahuta said.
NAN gathered that the mothers, who looked healthy at the time of filing this report,  did not attend any ante-natal classes and gave birth to all five babies at home as there was no hospital nearby.
culled from The Punch

Seriously, does this man deserve any financial aid? What happened to family planning? 

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