Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Have u heard about the tweeting bra?

Yes the tweeting bra :D

Nestle Fitness has collaborated with Oglivy Athens, a Greek advertising agency to portray tweeting bra as a way to remind women about the importance of monthly self-examination of their breasts. October is a universally acknowledged Breast Cancer Awareness month; the tweeting bra is just another way to increase awareness among women to self-examination their breasts.

It should be noted here that the tweeting bra is not for sale at least right now and there is only one bra of that kind which is worn by the Greek celebrity, Maria Bakodimus. Each time Maria unhooks her bra, it sends an automated tweet which says that easier than learning Greek is to learn how to do a self-examination.
This is how the tech tweeting bra works: Whenever it is unclasped, a signal is sent to a cellphone as the bra is Bluetooth-embedded which then notifies the server and the server generates a tweet. The bra clasp features the tiny twitter bird on it.

The core aim of the tweeting bra is just to make every woman aware of how much a self-examination is important for her health. Mayo Clinic establishes that 40 percent of breast cancer cases are reported after women start self-examining their breasts.

I sincerely wish it was up for sale.

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