Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What are your Xmas memories?

I grew up looking forward to Christmas because it is a very special season when I can do special shopping with my mum and sis. For me, its time to show off my new clothes, shoes and a time to EAT all sorts of chewables ( plenty ijekuje ).

I remember looking forward to the arrival of various Xmas hampers from Dad's colleagues and friends, been the last child I was always the first to rummage the hampers.I loved decorating the house with all the glittery stuff that mum buys. It was FUN all the way because I was spoiled silly by my Late Dad.
Did I forget to mention Santa Claus ( father Xmas like we called him). Santa means more gift  *huge smile*
I remember shooting my water gun at anyone that cross my path.
I just LOVE Xmas.

I miss spending  Xmas with my family because Dad died 17 years ago, thankfully mum is fine, my siblings live so far away so for years I spent Xmas alone but this year I am gonna be celebrating it with my Hubby so I am gonna celebrate it just like we used to.

Enough about me, what was Christmas like for you while growing up?

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