Monday, 26 November 2012

It could have been YOU

Hello everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend? Over the weekend I met  a young man (name withheld) and his story gave me goose bumps  so I am going to share this REAL life experience with you.

This man came to Nigeria in April 2012 in search of a prominent man of God because he had certain issues and felt only a miracle could help his situation. On his arrival he booked a room in a hotel close to the church. He attended services conducted in the church but could not see the Pastor due to the large number of people that also wanted to see the Pastor. Afterwards, he decided to walk round the church grounds and while admiring the beautiful edifice he started taking pictures. Then he got a shocker.

He was ARRESTED for taking pictures of the church (warning to picture freaks) there were other people arrested for the same offence. They were taken to the Police station and the Pastor came to see them the next morning. This guy was so excited to see the Pastor since that is why he came to Nigeria. He felt he would be able to clear the air about the Police issue, little did he know he was in bigger trouble.
The Pastor started laying hands on the chest of the boys one after the other after which he said some were thieves , some were innocent but when he got to this guy’s turn….The Pastor said the guy is Boko Haram. *sigh*

His case was transferred to the Police Area command . He explained that he was not muslim and that he does not speak hausa. He also told them that he just came into the country and gave them his hotel address and room number. There they found his international passport and got in touch with his country’s embassy. He was locked up and didn’t allow him to make any call. Even when the embassy sent representative, they were not allowed to talk to him but they were able to see him.

I sincerely thank churches that visit prisons because their labour and care to these prisoners are not in vain. He was lucky to meet members of a prominent church that is involved in prison visitations. According to him, this church gave them food , prayed with them and gave them hope . He rededicated his life to Christ in the prison and on the 22nd November he appeared in court, High Court Ikeja where the presiding Judge (God bless him wherever he is  ) saw that there wasn’t any evidence to pronounce him guilty. The Judge also asked if the Pastor was in court to testify but he wasn’t.  That is how the guy was released oooooooooooooo.
Please this is not fiction o.

Finally my thoughts goes thus

·        *    Be careful of where you go for miracles
·        *    Blackberry freaks and photo freaks be careful because taking pictures are not allowed in some areas
·        *    God is everywhere so pray where you are and he would hear.
·        *  There are thousands of innocent people been locked up, do whatsoever you can to touch their lives

I am rushing off to church to join the Prison ministry. I will appreciate if you post your comments.
This is my longest blog post. Odaabo jare. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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